About Eric's

The 90’s... Helmet in hand, sweat poured from my flat-top as I doubled over in pain inside Husky Stadium. My sensitive stomach was acting up again and after practice, I felt fatigue beyond belief. I began exploring natural ways to get more energy without stirring up the hurricane that swirled inside my belly.

In 2000, I envisioned ‘the soap’ just after meeting my future wife Karin, who was a Research Scientist at the University of Washington. Karin believed the soap could work (in theory). I’ve always enjoyed exercising my creativity and was up for the challenge.

After three years of testing, we developed an all natural Energy Soap (SPARKE BAR) which seemed a bit ahead of its time. Energy drinks were still new and even though it worked well, people weren’t quite ready to accept energy soap. That made transitioning into beverages an easy decision.

Life sure is busy these days with four young sons and a growing company. But I ‘m super excited and extremely blessed to be doing what I really love-E.